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1.   All vehicles consigned to the auction must have clear transferable title in the seller’s name. Only licensed dealers may reassign titles. If there is a lender’s lien on your title, then just provide us with a payoff letter from your lender as of the Monday following the sale, along with a photocopy of both sides of your title. Upon sale, we will send payment to your lender on the Monday immediately after the auction.


     Thoroughbred Auto Auction Clarksville, TN pays sellers with a clean transferable title on sale day shortly after receipt of the buyer’s funds. Sellers with a lender’s lien on their title will be paid the difference between the sale proceeds and the loan balance upon receipt of the title from the lender with the lien released.


2.   IT IS THE SELLER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THEIR VEHICLE WELL BEFORE AUCTION CHECK IN TIME TO VERIFY THAT IS HAS A PROPER VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (VIN) ON IT WHICH IS IDENTICAL TO THE VIN ON ITS TITLE. By law, we are required to inspect each vehicle for a proper VIN. Vehicles with no visible VIN or a VIN that does not correspond to the title will not be allowed into the auction and the entry fee will be forfeited.


      Missing VIN’s on the vehicle or discrepancies on the title can usually be corrected if discovered sufficiently in advance of the auction. We will gladly assist you in obtaining a proper VIN plate or correcting a title discrepancy if you need assistance.


      We strongly urge you to check your vehicle in on the Friday before the auction (or earlier if more convenient for you). Be sure to bring your title (or tag receipt if from Georgia or Alabama) with you at the time.


Thank you for consigning your car(s) to our upcoming Music City Fall Classic.

Please do not hesitate to call us if we can help you in any way.

When sending pictures of your vehicle please keep them to four and notice below the angles at which to take the photos.
Email them to
Thank you!

Consignment Form

Print form, fill in upper half then you can:
Fax to 615-819-2089 or
Email to
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